VTS Programs

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VTS Trading System

VTS Program is uniquely designed trading solution for Derivative Market Trader in all around trading system. VTS program's main purpose is to provide reliable solution on portfolio and execution matter for all types of traders.

VTS Program achieve its objective with TraderMatic. TraderMatic is a 4-step guidelines that guide trader during the process and progress of trading. .

What is TraderMatic Psychology?

  • Plan &  Projection to achieve Objective
  • Methodology &  Strategy as trading tools
  • Execution &  Implementation to achieve real trading results
  • Monitoring &  Realignment to ensure growth performance similar to simulation.

What is HRMS?

Hippo Risk Management System, HRMS, is a algorithm system that enhance profitable derivative trading system with various aspect of risk assessment, position arrangement sequence and preplanned cash flow from and in the portfolio.