Questions And Answer

What is VTS program?

VTS program is educational programs that educated and guide customer/student go through all trading stages in the process to achieve trading objective with portfolio building

What is Portfolio Building?

It's a construction process that normally takes a cycle of commodity trading event through consistent trading activities to haul consistent long term profit to ensure the growth of trading capital to reach it's potential to generate consistent passive income

How to we achieve our trading objective?

TraderMatic; Trading Methodology regarding different trading stage where risk and reward.

Consistently adjust in order ensure real trading closely performed as previously simulated result.

What is Tradermatic?

  • Plan &  Projection to achieve Objective
  • Methodology &  Strategy as trading tools
  • Execution &  Implementation to achieve real trading results
  • Monitoring &  Realignment to ensure growth performance similar to simulation.

Is VTS Program a program that provides signals to entry and exit?

VTS program NOT ONLY provides signals to entry exit. Signals to entry and exit are only a partial service from the whole program. VTS program from the begin with construct trading objective; by using Trading System as a tool to provide signals to entry and exit; hence provide guidance to ensure correct and proper execution activities to gain real result and finally finish by constant monitoring on trading capital performance before any decision to change existing trading activities flows.

What have VTS program achieved?

  • Back tested 17 years data to generate simulated single lot and multiple lot result.
  • Proven 2011 year results on single lot results.
  • Proven 2012 year results on single lot and multiple lot results.
  • Proven achievable, workable, and easy to execute workflow.

What do I have to do when I subscribe VTS program?

  1. Attend and learn in VTS program in 2 days workshop.
  2. 3 months free SMS revision on previous 2 days workshop.
  3. Create risk profile.
  4. Decide on initial trading capital, risk utilities, lots size, trading system utilization, etc
  5. Execution flow.
  6. 3 - 6 months portfolio rebalancing.

Do I have to do all these by myself?

No. You will be properly guided from learning the system until portfolio rebalancing by company team instructor that will provide their professional advice and reference.

Does this service only temporary?

This program will continue to guide you until it reaches to your initial trading objective.

Does anyone provide similar program like VTS program?

Many companies provide trading system that give signal of entry and exit. But there are none that provide such complete and well thought-out program that guide the user to go through the trading process.